Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Pinterest challenge time!

Hello, happy Wednesday!
Its the last day of the month which means its pinterest time again.
if you don't know what on earth i'm talking about well, a few of us crafty ladies pick a project from pinterest and give it a go. It can be anything... gardening, cooking, crochet, tatting, cardmaking or something completely random that takes your fancy. Household cleaning hacks are also allowed but I haven't seen many of those...I wonder why! LOL
I better start with my 'excuse' this month....
I've found it difficult to head in the right place because I have been dealing with my furbaby Tia.
oh I love her to bits!
I found a lump and the vet said it will grow but wont spread so because of her age we decided to wait and see if it did actually grow before putting an old lady through a nasty surgery but sure enough that horrible lump grew so on Friday by baby went under the knife.
She is so brave and so strong and just 3 days later she acting just like her normal gorgeous self.
a day out in Norfolk before her surgery day.
the dreaded lump!
home from the vets and still very sleepy and just wants to be near us.
I'm happy to give her lots of cuddles.
and so is daddy!
the next day and Tia is feeling tired and sore...
Sunday and she is up and about and watching out for those pesty pigeons!
She now back to her happy self!
fingers are crossed for good results from the vet and all the lovely messages that have been sent are very much appreciated. THANK YOU!
keep her in your prayers for me.
ok, sorry crafters, are you still with me or did you get bored with the doggy talk?
on to my pin....
I've been looking at all the pins for art journals and I really love them.
the trouble for me is I don't go out very often so I don't have any interesting places to journal about.
I seen lots of Journals with nice uplifting words and words of appreciations in them but i'm struggling with my own dark cloud at the moment so that wasn't going to work for me either.
then I was sorting out my book shelf to see which books I could pass on to another reader and I picked up a very old little dictionary and like a lightbulb in my head I decided to use that for a sort of art journal... an art dictionary!
my book it old and only 4inches but I love it!
i'm putting my stamps to good use and lots of different mediums. Its so much fun and its going take me forever to fill it up.


C is for COFFEE


more coffee

D is for DAISY

this is one of my favorite stamps. no, scrap that, it IS my favorite stamp!

r is for ROSE

I loved doing this page

stamping across two pages isn't easy tho.
As you can see I haven't done many pages yet but I am loving it and I have many more pages stamped and ready to go so I will add them to my pin challenge blog post each month as a little extra. I'll still make a new pin each month of course. I've already got Septembers pin ready to start.
please take the time to pop over to the other members blogs to see which pin they worked on this month.
If anyone would like to join us in this monthly challenge please let me know so I can add a link to your project each month.
thanks for taking the time to stop by today and sorry for waffling on so long.
hugs Suzanne xx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Its Beginning to Look a Lot like Christmas!

Hello Friends and Visitors,
as the title suggests its it looking like Christmas at Creative Inspirations so please get out your festive stash and come and join us...
here is my card...
this photo doesn't really do it justice.
I tried my new Gamsia watercolour paints but it didn't really work the way I imaged it.
I think it needs some bling.
i've used Art Journey stamps and gold embossing powder.
I must admit I did groan a little when Natalie said this fortnight would be Christmas and she just laughed at me.
I've got the glitter and sparkle bug now and want to make more Christmas cards....
I might even get my Christmas cards finished early this year.
hmm don't your hold your breath! Haha
I hope you will come and join us in the challenge and you could win a great prize from our sponsor.
there is also sad new from our sponsor so check that out and grab a bargain.
enter your Christmas creations at Creative Inspirations.
I'm looking forward to visiting you to see what you have made.
Merry Christmas!
Suzanne xx