Sunday, 18 January 2015

New Years Resolution..... January = Check

Hello crafters,
I'm here with my January project today. Some of my docraft refugee buddies will already know that my New year resolution is to try at least one Pinterest project each month for 2015.
I keep saving all the amazing things I see but spend so much time looking at things and not actually making anything so that is going to change.
hmmm do I sound confident?
so.... its January 18th and I've tried a slimming world recipe and they was amazing!
I've added that to my January pin board if anyone wants to try it, trust me, it was yummy, even my husband loved it!
hmmm but recipes are not really crafting are they so I thought I'd find something better and as Pickle had inspired me to learn to crochet I thought that would be a good first project.
as I said though, im a total beginner so I cant make amazing things yet and decided a scarf would be a good starting point.
I searched pinterst (for more hours than I want to admit to) and found a Puff stitch scarf. perfec!
I did two rows twice and undid them but on the third attempt something in my pea brain clicked and I was off......

its so puffy and soft, I love it!
giving myself a pat on the back here. LOL
HERE is the original pin and free pattern. its so easy to follow.
If anyone would like to join me in the Pinterest Per Month challenge please comment and let us know where we can see your projects.
My good friend Margaret has finished her January project aswell so I really hope you pop over to her blog and check it out. what an amazingly talented lady she is.
awww I'm excited about February now.... hmmm what shall I make?
you will have to pop back and find out.
thank you for any comments you may wish to learn and we would really love to have you join us and show us what you are making this month.
happy crafting,
hugs Suzanne2


  1. Wow Suzanne tgat is a great scarf and you say you are a beginner, well it's a lot better than i could ever do in crochet.
    Well done and I am giving you a pat on the back, just very gently as I know your back hurts!
    I look forward to seeing what you do in February

  2. It's gorgeous Suzanne and I have pinned the link. I am currently crocheting a road trip scarf which is a big leap when I normally just do granny squares x