Saturday, 25 July 2015

Pinterest project for July

Hi guys, some of you will know that my new years resolution for 2015 was to make pinterest project per month and I promised to blog what ever I chose even if it didn't go to plan.
well guess what?
this is one of those times!
I chose a gorgeous CAL bag to make.
you can find the pattern here
It looks great doesn't it.
I headed over to wool warehouse and ordered some lovely cotton yarn at a bargain price of 80p for 50g balls.
I treated myself to a good quality clover hook too and this was a wise choice, it made things much easier. Its surprising what a good hook can do.
So I settled myself down nice and comfy and watched the first part of the video tutorial which was amazing.
I got to work and was feeling really pleased with myself....
                                               the bag was coming along nicely,  but......

look how big it is!
I think I must crochet pretty loose or something because It's a huge bag.
I took it all apart!
I think this is called 'froggin' in the crochet world, I have no idea why.
I could be wrong so leave me a comment if you know better. I'd love to know.
Well I do love the pattern and I'm not the sort of person to give up too easily so I asked for advice in the CAL group on facebook and the ladies were amazing. thank you guys!
They told me to try using a smaller hook......
and the squares came out much smaller.
the stitches look closer together too so I was happy again....
I tried to be 'too' clever and I think its now too small.
I only used two squares instead of the three that the pattern requires. this means I had to change the amount of stitches and the size of the base....
oh boy what a headache!
the old saying about learning to walk before you run keeps coming into my head.
why do I have to mess with things and try to be too smart.
when will I learn to slow down?
The buttons I had bought were perfect for the pattern....
until I changed the pattern!
(smart ass)
the buttons are now too big.....
the bag is too small?
so guess what?
frogging it again!
Pinterest July project is my first fail.
Now I really must add the fail is my own stupid fault and its not Rebecca's pattern.
the pattern is great!
It was me trying to run...
watch this space because I will be back with the finished bag. I'm not going to give up.
I love the pattern...
I love the FB group...
I love the cotton yarn...
I love my new posh hook...
I DONT love my smart arse brain that told me to change the pattern. grrr I'm such an idiot!
apologies to Rebecca for messing up her bag.
I promise I will follow the instructions properly this time and just change the hook size.
(aww does that mean I get to buy another posh hook in a smaller size)?
there is a sliver lining after all!
Please check out Rebecca's blog and FB page to see all the amazing bags and gorgeous colour combo's that everyone has been making.
I'm in awe of all you clever ladies out there.
(hangs head in shame)
practice makes perfect...right?
My friend Margaret kindly joined in with the pinterest monthly challenge with me and I'm sure she will make something gorgeous again this month.
she is so talented.
please hop over to margaretsdesignercards.BlogSpot
to see what she has created.
I feel like a total failure but I did say at the start of the year that I would blog even if it was a total fail.
FAIL it is but this isn't the end of the story...
in the words of Arnie....
'I'll be back'
(putting on my best Arnie accent)
hmm that's possibly my second fail LOL
thanks for stopping by and please leave me a commnet to let me know you were here.
If you are a crochet'er (what is a crochet person called)?
and you know about 'froggin' please leave me a comment to explain it.
thanks again
hugs Suzanne xx



  1. Rip it = ribbit = frogging. :)

    1. oh now it makes sense.... thank you! lol

  2. I'm sure your bag will come out fine. After all, they do say the 3rd time is the charm. As for your other statements....Crocheters are sometimes called "Hookers" and frogging is for "rip it, rip it" (sounds like ribbit, ribbit) Can't wait to see your finished product.

  3. Some people that crochet will call them a hooker, because we use hooks.

  4. Don't give up ! You'll get it right. Try measure your first square to find out the size of the bag and make sure you're on the right track. About the "frogging" meaning : when you have to unravel you say rip it off. So if you say rip it, rip it , it's like the sound of the frog. That is what I've seen on Facebook groups :)

  5. Crochet person = hooker in some circles ;)

  6. Use the larger hook to start your flowers. When you get to the round that starts the granny square, switch to the smaller hook. You flowers should be the right size for your buttons then.

  7. I've frogged my squares so many times I only have 4 and I started on Day 1 of the CAL

  8. Frogging is a big part of crocheting as is changing needles and seam ripping in sewing.

  9. I just finished my second bag and sure did frog it alot. Love the pattern. Hang in there you will get it done!

  10. Well done girl having so much patience and the nerve to try something different. I gave up after I've Granny Square blanket 😂

  11. I'm so glad you aren't giving up. I have never "frogged" so much in my life and I'm still trying to figure out the bottom part of the pattern. I've been a tad distracted however, as my daughter just delivered our first grandchild one week ago and I'm with her now trying to help out a bit - the crocheting is definitely not a priority right now. I too am determined to finish this project - some day at least! Now I'm off to explore your bog ...

  12. It's never a failure if you learned something.

  13. Anyone who says they haven't had to do this, is telling you a porky'll get there and if all else fails, make something else....I do many times....enjoy...xx

  14. Suzanne the bag is lovely and we all have failures at sometime, please don't cry I read your story and I thought to myself she's going to do it again, they do say third time lucky.
    You learned a lot from the pattern and a lot about crochet, even if you don't realise it all.
    I look forward to seeing your bag when it's finished.
    No idea what they called a person who does crochet, but in tatting you are a tatter.
    Have a good day

  15. Suzanne, you must have the patience of a saint! There are no mistakes in art! Lovely bag though and I am confident you will get there.
    Hope you are having a good weekend

  16. I've done this many times, like you I want perfection in my crochet work. This is how new patterns and stitches are born, so don't beat yourself up over, it. You are a Artist and the art work is just under construction. Frogging is a common knitting term that has made its way into crochet

  17. I went down a needle size and dow to DK weight yarn. Smaller bag -- 13 x 9 inches.