Friday, 25 September 2015

Pinterest for September

wow its the end of September already!
that means its time for our pinterest challenge.
I chose something quick and east this time.....
I chose a lace crochet bookmark.

I bought the yarn from ebay but I wasn't keen on the results

So I made another one (bottom one) using some thread that my friend Sandy sent me and this time it looked much nicer.

I added the narrow ribbon

I'm really happy with it.
you can find the pattern on my pinterest board here
thanks for stopping by and please pop over to margaret's blog and carollyn's blog to see what they have made from pinterest this month.
If you would like to join us just drop one of us a line and let us know. all you have to do is find something on pinterest that you want to try.
It can be anything... cooking, gardening, crochet, beading, candle making.... absolutely anything.
Even cleaning.... yep I tried a tip to clean my oven which worked really well and I freshened up our mattress.
ok so these tips worked well but they are still cleaning/housework which really isn't good for your health so don't do too much of it!
hugs Suzanne x


  1. Gorgeous bookmark, we are a pair choosing a bookmark, well you did a lovely job with it, well done on your crochet skills you really have mastered crochet.

  2. I love the bookmark !! Yes, the pattern definitely comes out better with the second thread.
    I hope you gals continue this challenge next year - I will surely join in then :-)

  3. Suzanne, this is beautiful. You are a marvel to challenge yourself every month to do something different! It is paying off though because this is a gorgeous project.

  4. I am sorry that my comment didn't post, sometimes I write it out and I don't press send, I love this bookmark and the ribbon, I think ribbon works well with fiber arts and is tasteful to use with it. Also many people are interested in the Pinerest Challenge too!