Saturday, 30 April 2016

PinChicks Challenge

Hello Pinchicks and all other visitors to my blog, its so nice to 'see' you all.
let me explain the PinChicks challenge for any of you newbie visitors, we are a small group of crafty ladies (men welcome too, and the kids)
every month we browse pinterest and see which project gets us interested and thats the one we attempt to make.
of course there is the possiblilty of some fails but that's all part of the fun. we still want to see project even if it goes totally wrong.
(we won't laugh.....well maybe just a little bit)
as my crafty friends will already know i'm not having a very good time at the moment and a dark cloud hanging over me has zapped me of all motivaton but the last thing I want to do is let my friends down so I am trying hard to still make something.
I have chosen a tiny apple keyring this month because it looked like it wouldn't be too much of a huge challenge and i was right!
I am an apple collector so this appealed to me.
I have a few apples made from wood, glass and silver. It all started when I walking round a carboot sale and a little wooden apple caught my eye. a week or two later I found an adorable 925 silver one and the collection started. I don't go out looking for apples, they find me!
there must be some hidden meaning but I'm not sure what it is yet.
this little crochet apple didn't take me very long at al so I decided to find another apple on pinterest and add that to this months post.
this one looks more like an apple don't you think?
the first looks like a cherry.
and here they are together to give an idea of the size..
I'm actually proud of myself for making these when I really just wanted to hide away in my nest and let the world carry on without me.
(Margaret and Abby,  thank you both for giving me the strength to carry on and the push I needed)
I hope you will pop over to see the others members of our group to see what they have done this month.
if anyone would like to join us please contact me so I can add a link to your blog. You can chose anything pinterest, crochet, tatting, painting, gardening, cleaning, book art, absolutely anything!
i'm looking forward to seeing what the other ladies have made, we keep our projects secret until the last day of the month so its always fun to do a little blog hop and leave some love along the way.
thanks for joining me ladies, you are the best!
hugs Suzanne xx


  1. Oh I love this idea and I want both apples so cute :) you know the key chain is smart idea cause it wont scratch the car too :) U did great love how everyone picks things so different and wish I could crochet like that :)
    Hugs from Carollyn!

  2. Yummy cute !!! But keep them away from my dining table ;-p (you'll understand why ...)
    Yes, the larger apple is perfectly apple-shaped & immediately recognizable. But the smaller is so delightful! And you've just learned crochet ... wow !

  3. I love your poles and the key ring won't scratch the car when in use, They are beautiful and look beautiful.
    Well done I know life's hard at the moment and I am glad to give you a little push,
    Another month to look forward to, it's lovely to do a blog hop to see what us ladies have made, always big surprises.

  4. Hi Suzanne, I am so sorry you are having a difficult time - stick with it lovely lady because your card making and crafting are wonderful - these apples are totally adorable.

  5. What a great idea love the apples they are so cute. Alison x

  6. Your apple came out lovely. Crocheting small things is something that's very hard for my hands to do. Congrats on yours!