Sunday, 31 July 2016

Pinterest Challenge for July

wow its the end of july already, how did that happen?
I've neglected my blog and my crafting this month due to ill health but I wont bore you with that.
I did manage to get my pin finished BUT I have to owe up and tell you that It didn't end up as planned.
I have been collecting ring pulls/soda tabs as I just knew I would end up wanting some one day (you know we all do that sort of stuff don't we.)
So I got my ring pulls out and searched pinterest, who knew you could make SOOOOOO many different things, jewellery, clothes, YES clothes!
I chose a nice bag. long strap and fold over flap. It looked easy enough.
It wasn't as easy as I though. It just turned out to be such slow work.
Then I took a day off and went to visit my parents. Now anyone who knows my dad will know he is the sort of man that doesn't let you leave his house without taking something with you.... biscutes, sweets or in my case a lamp!
yep, he gave me a little desk lamp which I put in the back of my car but on the way home it got damage.....
My gorgeous Tia sat on it!
look at the state of this lamp shade.
It wasn't Tia's fault, she can do no wrong in my eyes. LOL
so that's when the idea came to me that I could change my pin and make it into a shade.
I had already got this much done so I didn't want to start all over again and do it as the pin said so I carried on with the original bag pattern method.
I used the crochet method to join the pulls.
the finished lamp.

and it works!!!

But I really don't like it.
I've finished it because I didn't want to blog another fail this month but now its finished i'm going to take it all apart and start again. I'll use a different method for joining the pulls which can be found here
when its finished I blog it so you can see the improvement.
now if you have time please pop over to the pinchicks and see what they have made this month.
I hope you can spare a moment of your time to leave them some love.
hugs Suzanne xx


  1. Firstly I know you were having trouble, and of course Tia can do no wrong, she would not understand she possibly thought she was improving it!
    I love the shade what a brilliant use of recycling and making something out of rubbish that would end up in landfil site anyway.
    I look forward to seeing what you do with it next.
    Well done

  2. well I thnk it is great, well done you!

  3. What a wonderful read & Tia just gave you the opportunity to think outside the box ! My first reaction to the fabric you've created is 'oh my, so much patient work'! Love what you have done & how you have re-purposed those tabs!!! Off to check out the alternate link.

  4. Wonderful Idea I have seen some in shops around here not too many but enough to make your mind fill with ideas of other things too love this and great recycling the earth loves you :)