Monday, 31 October 2016

October pinterest challenge

Ouch ouch awww ouch!
aww sorry i'm running late and this post will not be very detailed as I have slipped a disc and I'm struggling with the pain and the meds are making me dopey!
so i'll just get on with in...
this month ive been busy playing with string again and I decided a new bathroom mat was in order.
pinterest has loads of patterns but I loved the bobble stitch so here is the one I made..

as you can see it isn't perfect but I'm hoping that I can stretch it into shape. (cant remember the technical term)
but I do love the bobbles!
the string really does crochet up lovely.
please pop over to the other pinchicks blogs to see what they have chosen to make this month and don't forget to leave them some love.
thanks for stopping by today.
aww ouch I'm off to lay flat on the floor now.
hugs Suzanne xx


  1. Oh dear, I was hoping your delay was attributed to some lesser mundane reason. Sincerely hope you feel better soon. Now, if your lovely new mat didn't have baubles, would you have been able to lie on it comfortably instead of the floor ? Just kidding ;-)
    Your mat is beautiful, and so useful. I think the term you are looking for is "blocking" ?

    1. Blocking, that's it!! Thank you, I just couldn't think of it. When I'm better I'll make a frame from card and sticks and block the mat. If that doesn't work I'll undo some of it and redo it.
      Thank you for the kind wishes xx

  2. i can't see much wrong with it, it looks straight to me but that might be my eye not looking at it properly. Now I know why you sent Brian out to buy a ball of string are you still getting the funny looks now he's seem what you did with it.
    Over time you might need to block it after a few washes but for now you have a great mat
    Well done I hope your back gets better soon

  3. Thank you Margaret, hubby is mpressed with the string mat I think. I must admit I did enjoy making it. Hmm I wonder if I could dye string so I could make a darker one, I'll have to look into that.

    1. They dye cotton and wool so I don't see why not, try the fabric dyes that can be brought in any fabric shops. Personally I woukd dye the string before crocheting it, I used them to dye silk flowers. I used to dip them until I had the right shade rather than timing it as they say because they usually came out too dark or not dark enough. Also make sure you dye enough to complete the whole project.

    2. Thanks Margaret, when I'm back on my feet I'll have a look for some dye.