Friday, 28 August 2015

Pinterest challenge for august

hi guys, I'm back with my pinterest challenge project for august.
hm now do I call this august or july re-make?
if you follow my blog you will know I failed in july and just couldn't get my crochet bag right.
well, I no quitter!
I stuck with it and started again.
this time I changed to a smaller hook and read the pattern over and over and counted..... counted....and counted some more!
seriously, I can't tell you how important that counting is.
I'm so happy I stuck with it and my bag is now finished. yay!!!!
What do you think?
I'm over the moon with it and proud of myself for not giving up.
I've even made a lining for it. I used a pretty pillowcase and cut it to size.
then my dad gave me my mum's sewing machine and oh boy that was a whole new challenge of its own.
I haven't used a sewing machine since I was at school some 30 odd years ago.
I found a manual for the machine online which was a huge help.
I can't ask my mum to help me, even though she was always using her machine. she now has dementia so she can't teach me.
I did ok tho. LOL
the buttons came from woolwarehouse and so did the drops cotton yarn. it was only 80p for a 50g ball, what a bargain!
I need some more now.
note to santa.... I love all the colours!
(boy, I hope he reads my blog)
here are another couple of pictures of the bag.

I've bought some very thin 3ply cotton and started another bag, its coming out smaller and looks so cute.

here a sneak peek...

I'm loving the dusky pink colour.

I've found a cone of white cotton on ebay, its a bit grubby but was a great price so I'm going to chance making it then washing it.

question now is......

do I need to buy the black cotton for winter?

leave a comment and let's have a vote.
at least I can blame my yarn addiction on you guys then and hubby might even forgive me. LOL

now back to the pinterest challenge...
please pop over to margarets blog and see what she has chosen to make for august.

Hi all i'm back with a little update.
We are very happy to welcome Carollyn to our challenge this momth.
She has an adorable project to share with us. Please pop and have a look on her blog here and leave her some love.
thank you xx

thanks for stopping by.
hugs Suzanne x


  1. I love you purse and it is wonderful! I crochet a little and not nearly as good as you. It looks like it has a long handle and I am wanting to make a purse with long handle, they are so much easier on the back and frees your hands up too!
    I think not black but dark brown!
    Love the challenge and am working on mine for next month take care from Carollyn

  2. Hi, that's a great bag, love it, and I am so pleased you did get it right and re tried.
    I think I am with Carollyn dark brown is earsier to work with than black especially in night light.
    Anyway I did love the pattern and well done on putting a lining in it. It's a very long time since I used a machine, I don't have one as I never use one, I borrowed mothers ha ha borrowed she knew she would never get it back it's a battery one which I rarely use but it's not good and usually drives me up the wall when I have had to use it. It's like the tablecloth I use for my table at the market she lent it for one and I am still using it years later, she forgot and I am still using it.
    Well done on this months challenge. Love it.

  3. Suzanne, you are a marvel. This is a really beautiful project and you should be really proud that you stuck with it and did n't give up! The finished bag is gorgeous and your lining so perfect and pretty...