Tuesday, 6 October 2015

crochet bag finally finished

hi all,
I just had to write this post because I'm so proud of myself!
I can't say that too often but I started this crochet bag last month after finishing the bigger version.
I just used thinner cotton thread and a smaller needle and lots of wishing for luck. LOL
its worked, someone was listening and sent that luck to me.
here is the finished bag....
I'm so happy with it.

I was given the fabric to line it and matched perfectly.
I also added a zip....
Get me, I added a zip, I've never added a zip to anything before.

I used the lining material on the back of the strap aswell to stop it stretching.
It did take me longer than I thought it would so it ended up being a summer colour bag ready for winter Oops!
never mind.....
I've started another one in a winter colour now.
Well a girl can never have too many bags can she?
I really have got the hang of this crochet lark and i'm totally hooked!
I'll show you the winter one when its finished but i'm already searching for my next project.
this could become slightly addictive.
thanks for stopping by.
you can find the original pattern on my pinterest board its a fantastic tutorial.  
hugs Suzanne x


  1. Oh this is very nice and love the lining too!! The winter one will be fun to see wonderful handy work!

  2. It looks fab, I can crochet but cant follow a pattern, will pop over and have a look, xxx

  3. Suzanne, you are a marvel and you should be very proud of yourself indeed. Your bag is truly beautiful, and no mean feat to add a zip and lining! Enormous congratulations on finishing a really gorgeous project.