Saturday, 31 October 2015

October Pinterest Challenge

Hi Guys,
Its time for Our pinterest challenge and what can I say....
Total FAIL!
ok ok..... wait a sec.....
let me defend myself here by saying I've really had a rough month and suffered with my back pain and the doc has been changing my meds to find the correct combination.
is that a good enough excuse?
ok..... I'll suck it up and just say I was total.....
lets start at the beginning when I was browsing pinterest and found a gorgeous silver embossed box.
I've always had a thing about boxes, I buy them when i see them in charity shops, bootsales or on holidays. All sorts of materials and shapes, i'm not fussy, I just love little boxes.
So I knew this pin was for me. I didn't need much, just a couple of large beer/soda cans and some embossing tools which I already have of course.
I asked my son for the cans and he gave me a few different sizes.
Perfect I got to work with the measurements and cut it out but.....
it fell apart!
the embossing looked crap!
so I started again.....
and again.....
and again.....
the embossing was better using a folder
It didn't fall apart when I folded the sides up

its not perfect....

and it needs a lining

the base needs a lot more work!

but the lid does fit!

it looks ok if you don't look too close.
It doesn't matter how much I try to kid myself, this is a fail!
Its heading for the bin.
now the question is do I try again or give up?
its November tomorrow so time for a new pin so I think i'll chose something different and if I get it finished with time to spare I re-make this box.
I really hope my friends had better luck than me. they are both very talented so i'm sure they have done well.
please check out margarets blog and Carollyn's blog
what will I choose for November?
I have no idea yet but I really love the pinterest challenge even if I did fail this month. It was still funny, frustrating, annoying, madness and interesting.
thanks for stopping by.
hugs Suzanne x


  1. Oh well if this is rubbish, I don't know what to say, except this looks great and I think it is a great idea I did not know this could be done. I have seen only little planes made with the cans and that look a bit to complicated. I like this embossing it great all that worry :) not such a bad thing :)

  2. I am with Carollyn if this is rubbish then you did a good job, I don't think I could have done it, apart I doubt if Vernon would drink a few cans for me. Your embossing is good, I am really sorry it failed but it looked good before it fell apart.
    So upwards onwards to November

  3. Hi Suzanne, I had to pop over from Margaret's to see how you did, I think your beating yourself up way to much, the box looks real good and vintage-ish...not a word I know....well I like it anyways...x