Sunday, 31 January 2016

PinChers monthly challenge January 2016

Hello crafters, wow its 2016 already which means our pinterest challenge has entered its 2nd year.
I'm so pleased Margaret agreed to carry on with me this year and we have two more members from far and wide across the globe. Isn't the internet amazing!
you can meet the ladies by clicking on their names below.
HUGE welcome my little pin-chickadee's!
while chatting as a group we decided we needed a name and one of the ladies came up with pinChers, because we choose a 'pin' each month and pinch it, clever aye!
we also liked pin chicks so we are now officially the pin chicks from the pinChers challenge.
so what is this challenge?
well we are all addicted to pinterest right?... right!
and we all save millions of pins right?... right!
but how many of us actually make any of the saved projects?... come on own up...
so that's where we come in....
each month we choose a pin from pinterest and have a go at it.
I often fail but still blog as you will soon find out if you stick with this post.
the other ladies are super talented so you will see some amazing work from them if you click on their blogs. I'll add links further down this post.
The project you pinch can be absolutely anything as long as you find it on pinterest, crochet, cardmaking, tatting, altered art, cooking, gardening or even a household cleaning tip (hmm like you will see many of those on this blog..... cleaning is bad for your health)
we shall blog on the last day of the month.
If you fancy joining us you are more than welcome, just contact one of the pinchicks and let us know. you can join for the whole year or just for the month. we are an easy going group who believe crafting should be fun and not stressful so there is never any pressure here.
ok I can here the chick in my head saying 'oh get on with it suzanne'!
so I will shut up and show you my pin...... NO LAUGHING!!!!
what do mean 'what is it'?
its a crochet rose brooch.

and my second attempt didn't turn out any better!
look at the white arrow.... the instructions say I will be able to 'clearly' see my 7 sts.... 'clearly' I can't!
and look at the huge loops on the outside of my leaf.... oh, did I mention this is a leaf? yeah I know, its hard to tell!
well obviously the cotton was the wrong sort of cotton.... (always blame the tools Suzanne)
I didn't have the right cotton because if I did this would have turn out stunning. (yeah right)!
ok ok I admit.... its rubbish LOL but its a pin and i'm not ashamed to blog. we all have to learn and the more we mess up the better we become.
 so if you want to see some good stuff now
have a little bloghop and visit the rest of the chicks.
in no special order....
Margaret (uk)
Carollyn (usa)
Muskaan (india)
I absolutely love the fact that the web has bought us closer together.
enjoy the blog hop, I know I will and thank you for visiting me today.
hugs Suzanne xx


  1. You are always so harsh on yourself :-) It looks like a perfect rose & leaf even from a distance ! I'm sure you will receive many compliments when pinned .
    I am so happy to be a part of this group :-)

  2. Suzanne you are so hard on yourself, I knew it was a leaf it was green, leaves are green? Well I thought they were...... It's a lovely rose with a leaf, If you had said you needed some wool I would have sent you some, no questions asked. It will look lovely on a summer outfit, and a gorgeous colour rose.
    Well done on completing a pin, (at least you completed the pin more than I got done)
    Thanks for the compliment I don't feel any more talented than you.
    Have a good day,

  3. Oh I love the effect the gauge gives the leaf, it is important to give a leave proper attention cause every flower needs that leaf frame. It is a perfect touch and I love and collect brooches and roses are a favorite too! January should always end with a rose :)

  4. Oh my message must not have gone through, I left one this morning and I love your rose and the leaf made with the gauge is great effect! I collect brooches you know :)

  5. Don't be so hard on your self as if we never try these things we wouldn't learn anything new. And I knew it was a rose and leaf by your photos not your words :-) x