Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pinterest PinChicks monthly challenge

wow February has come to an end already so that means time for the PinChicks to share their projects...
here is what I chose to make.

Crochet slippers!

I'm not happy with the felt heart, I think maybe some beads would be better, what do you think?

nice and cozy!

These didn't take very long to make but i'm only a uk size 3 so they are only little.

you can find the pattern here

I hope you will pop over to see what out other pinchicks have created this month.

next is Margaret


And our newest member
Imoshen, you can see her first pin at 
Pls forgive me if this doesn't work only I'm using my iPad and still learning. If it doesn't work I'll hop on the laptop in the morning and correct it.
WELCOME Imoshen!

if anyone wants to join us pls contact one of us for details but basically all you have to do is pick a project from pinterest and give it a try. it can be crochet, knitting, papercraft, gardening or even a cleaning tip. Absolutely anything goes as long as you found it on pinterest.
the main rule is that you have to blog about your project and show it us even if it was a complete fail... it will give us all a giggle if it went wrong LOL
I'm usually the one at the top of the fail list but I have so much fun trying something new.

please feel free to join us.

hugs Suzanne xx


  1. These are so cute !!! And so nicely crocheted.
    But you've put me slam dunk in a pickle ;-p Crochet slippers was going to be one of my pin challenges, but you've 'pinched' it from right under my nose :-D
    I agree about the felt heart. With the lovely fringe & colour tinge, you perhaps don't need any other embellishment.

    1. Thank you Muskaan, you are so kind. Pls feel free to make your slippers, I'm sure you will do a better job than me. Maybe I can pinch your pattern after you. Hugs Suzanne xx

  2. I love these slippers, they look like native american moccasins, I love them and agree with muskaan I would remove the heart altogether, cause it is already in the beautiful work!

    1. thank you for the lovely comment and yes, I am going to remove the heart. I knew as soon as I had done it that they didn't look right. Its so nice to have the honest opinion of my pinChicks. xx thank you

  3. Beautiful slippers, well done I think they look gorgeous, I agree about the heart perhaps a different colour felt, if you need some felt just let me know and I will send you some, or some beads I have plenty.
    They look warm and cosy I though I had small feet at size five.

    1. Thank you Margaret, you are so kind! I think I might have some beads, I'll look in my treasure box.
      Hugs Suzanne x

  4. Hi Suzanne, You girls are really making some gorgeous creations, looks so much fun, love the slippers...xx