Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May Pinchicks challenge

Hello crafty friends!
its the last day of the month and that means its time to share our pinterest projects.
oh boy have I been dreading this moment.
my pin turned out rubbish.
here is the link for the idea I had in mind.
so I've been saving my eggshells and washing them carefully even tho my husband thought I was crazy.
I smashed the shells at glued them to a card frame that I made from a cereal packet and cut to the correct size. (4x6 photo)
the next step was to coat the shells with black gesso
boy, this was messy!
time to colour it now so first I used some gold acrylic paint.
then I added some treasured gold wax.
its looking pretty good at this point.
this is a poor photo but it didn't look too bad.
So now I trimmed some paper napkins and placed them around the frame to see if I liked the placement.
OMG now look.... we are going down hill from this point!
I glued the napkins on and they look awfull.
stop laughing!
what a flipping mess.
so..... can I save it?
I painted over the top with white acrylic and added some pink ink.
and I got to work cutting some more napkins
I glued the roses on and stepped back to look at it.
its still looks a total mess.
so this goes down as a fail.
but wait a second....
I can't let my team down can I. they all work so hard on their pins so....
I got my crochet hook out and some yarn and found a new pinterest project.
I made this cover for a glass jar and now my brushes live in it.
I added some shell beads.
I'm happy with this jar and I thought about blogging this as my pin but that isn't right is it. the rules of our challenge states we have blog our project even if its a fail.
so here you have it. A Fail and a nice jar.
I hope you will visit the other challenge members to see what they have made this month.
you can find them here...
and this month we have a new member, another Margaret. I think we shall name her Maragret2
please visit her blog and leave her some love.
lets get blog hopping!
hugs Suzanne x



  1. Great effort & thanks for sharing all the work & process! I wonder if a bit of brushwork detailing (outlines, etc) would not have rescued both your efforts? Emphasize some of the flowers & leaves, just a few strokes in some bold colour.
    Love the little crochet cover, but you really didn't have to go through that extra step. I'm sure we all appreciate the frame. Part of learning process

  2. Oh, and nice to have a new member ... must add her to my list & post :-)

  3. It looked so good before you added the napkins, a bit like my pin with the cotton heads, I love your jar cover, really lovely.
    Well I hope next months pin will go better for both of us, I will be starting mine later as I will now be away for some of June,
    Have a good day

  4. What a shame that the frame didnt turnout as you planned but the jar is lovely - well done!

  5. So much work for it not to turn out. It might have failed but it was interesting to see the process. The jar came out well, though. Now on to see how the other projects went.

  6. Replies
    1. Haha I hope you are talking about the jar! The frame was a mess!